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Order Time 


For out of town (shipping orders) we ask that you please place your order at least two weeks in advance. For local orders, please place your order one week before event. For orders of 200+ cookies, we need atleast a three weeks notice. 




Orders may be cancelled up to 10 days in advance of the delivery date with no charge. Please note it takes several days to get our dough, icing and cookies ready to decorate, then several days to hand decorate and dry your order. Thank you! 

Shipping Policy 


SHIPPING DISCLOSURE: Each cookie is hand-crafted and takes several days to make, with that said, we value these cookies as much as you do and wrap them as carefully as possible to ensure "damage-free" shipping. After the cookies leave our kitchen we are not responsible for shipping damage. We do our very best to ensure the cookies get there in one peice , but the postal service & fed ex ultimately are responsible for transporting these fragile works of art. We are not responsible for damage and do not offer refunds on cookies because they are an edible good. Thank you! 


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